WISHPro Magnetic Infusion Technology (MIT)

What is Magnetic Infusion Technology… A revolutionary concept in skin care treatment uniquely designed to tighten and tone almost instantly.

Here’s how aging works…Beginning around the age of 25, a person produces 1% less collagen in their skin per year. Elastin production also slows way down. So what does this mean—it simply means that your skin will lose 20-80% of its thickness and elasticity throughout the aging process. This is what can lead to wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration and irritation.

MIT--in tandem with the technology head and capsule selections--infuses vital serums deep into the skin. This in turn stimulates elastin & collagen production, delivers much-needed nutrients, and helps tone muscle fibers.
Younger, fresher, healthier….this is what WISHPro delivers.

The technology is simple.
MIT creates magnetic pulses which then convert to a mild electrical energy field. It is this field that allows the heads and capsules to stimulate and penetrate, bringing users the ultimate experience in skin rejuvenation.


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